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Am I Too Old to Start Playing?

We hear this question a lot at the store (or at least a variation of it).  Adults will be drawn into the store by all of the instruments, wander around, and then say something to the affect of “I always wanted to learn to play, but it’s too late to start.”  This is absolutely not the case!  If you want to learn, you can.  In fact, adults could have an easier time with motivation because no one is making them.  Self-motivation makes a big difference when it comes to learning something new or sticking to a project.

I played for a little bit a long time ago

We get a lot of people wandering into our shop that become swept away by nostalgia for their childhood when they played an instrument.  Quitting music is a regret these people have and they wish to dive back into the musical world.  If this case, you already have a foundation (even if the cobwebs need to be swept away) to continue learning.  It would be highly beneficial to illicit some private instruction (just to make sure your basics are solid) to help you get on track.  Another reason we recommend this is because a private teacher can skip over anything you already know and tailor instruction to your needs.

I’ve never played…ever!

If you have never touched an instrument in your life, there is still hope for your dream of becoming a musician.  Sure, it will take some training, but if you want to do it, you can.  Henry Ford was quoted as saying, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re usually right.”  Don’t get in your own way to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn.  I would recommend securing a private instructor so you can have some measure of accountability.  YouTube is a good resource for a lot of things, including teaching you guitar or ukulele, but learning the more complex band and fretless stringed instruments (those of the orchestra) require some interactive time to ensure you aren’t learning bad habits.

Which instrument is the easiest?

This is probably my least favorite question, but one I come across a LOT.  So, I’m going to settle this once and for all.  There is no “easy” instrument (except perhaps ukulele, but that’s quite different).  You read that correctly.  Every instrument will have its own simple aspects and difficult aspects and those will be different for every person!  What comes quite easily for me could be the most difficult for you and vice versa.  Even the orchestral strings will present difficulty since they are fretless and use a bow.  Whichever direction you decide to go, we are here to assist you along the way.


Band instruments will all have their challenges, but are good if you would aspire to play in a group.  The deciding factor is finding an instrument that you enjoy the sound of and want to learn.  There is a wide range of music that you can play, but you can also just play solo if that’s more of your style.  If you would like to join a group, there are a couple groups to play in once you get your playing chops built up.  You can check those out here. (link the local groups article)


Everyone has heard of and can recognize a violin and most people that come in wanting to learn an instrument zero in on the violin.  Not that there is anything wrong with a violin, but one of the other three instruments could be more comfortable for you to learn.  Even though persons of any age can learn, some of the hand positioning for violin and even viola can be uncomfortable since it doesn’t come naturally.  Everyone finds it uncomfortable in the beginning, but not all adults want to work through that discomfort.


Whatever instrument you choose, you have the ability to learn it.  I can also guarantee that you will sound bad.  No doubt about it – you will sound awful.  Everyone on earth who has ever learned an instrument sounds bad at the beginning.  This is not to discourage you, but to help you stick with it.  The only way to sound better is to practice and stick with it.  You can learn any instrument you want, but if you would like advice, our professionals can talk to you about your preferences and give you a recommendation.