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Getting Started

We only deal in high-quality, major name brand, teacher-approved instruments.

All of our new and used student-level instruments are available to purchase, but most parents prefer to start out on our Rental Program because of its coverage and flexibility. We also carry all the additional items on your school’s supply list: method books, music stands, and maintenance items, just to name a few. We have everything you’ll need to begin your musical endeavor. Click here to download a copy of your school’s materials list.

Step Up

As students progress, an instrument upgrade is something to consider. Though a student-level instrument is often adequate, those who are more dedicated will benefit from a “step-up” instrument. The term “step-up” is used to refer to intermediate and professional-level instruments. There are some differences in features and materials, but the real difference is in how the instruments sound and play.   Step-up instruments are designed with the musician in mind – tone quality and playability are of greatest importance. Step-up instruments undergo more extensive research and development and are manufactured to a higher degree of quality than student-level instruments. Contact us  to find out more about selection, pricing, rental credit, and payment options.

Not quite ready for an instrument upgrade? That’s okay too; there are many things you can do to upgrade tone and playability. We carry a wide selection of more advanced mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, bows and strings. These products are available to play-test here in our store, and you will be amazed at the results!


We stock over 10,000 band and orchestra accessories. Gift items, music stands, instrument stands, maintenance kits, swabs, cleaning brushes, lubricants, rosin, polish cloths, silver polish, mutes, instrument cases, bows, strings, shoulder rests, tuners, metronomes, drum sticks, mallets, drum heads, and much more!

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The area’s best selection. We have over 9000 reeds in stock. Need advice? Our qualified staff can make recommendations and we’ll gladly open boxes to sell individual reeds.

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Sheet Music

Over 6000 titles to choose from: school music books, method books, solo repertoire, theory/ear training, jazz methods, themed/popular play-along series, and concert DVDs (which make great gifts). Come in and browse our selection, and don’t forget to check the bargain bin for the latest deals! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’ll gladly order it for you.

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A mouthpiece can have a major impact on your instrument’s tone and playability. If you are still playing on the mouthpiece that came with your instrument, you could be missing out. Your teacher may have a specific recommendation, or you are welcome to come try them for yourself (private studio available). We have hundreds of mouthpieces, but don’t feel overwhelmed – we’ll help you narrow the field!

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Our knowledgeable, professional staff can help you select the products that best suit your needs