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Can I have my child’s instrument and/or supplies delivered to the school?

Certainly! We have a full-time road representative who makes weekly visits to your child’s school.

Can I still get Maintenance & Repair Coverage after I’ve finished paying for my instrument?

Yes! All you will need to do is bring your instrument down to our repair shop for an inspection before the policy is issued. After any necessary repairs have been completed to bring the instrument up to proper playing condition, Maintenance and Repair coverage can be purchased in six- or twelve-month terms at very reasonable rates.

Does Schmidt’s Music purchase used instruments?

We do purchase used instruments depending on our stock needs. If you give us a call we can usually tell you over the phone whether or not we’ll be interested in buying your instrument. Of course you’re always welcome to come by the store as well, any time during our normal hours, and we’ll be happy to take a look at whatever you have and possibly make you an offer.

What about private lessons?

For a player wishing to progress farther and faster than a classroom setting will allow, private study with a professional instructor is highly recommended. A private teacher can give your student a level of individual attention that is simply not possible in a band or orchestra class, and can challenge and motivate the student on a personal basis according to his or her specific needs. We have a list of references for private instruction on most band and orchestral instruments, and can provide you with contact information for those teachers over the phone.

What is a “Step-Up” instrument, and what are its benefits?

As your child advances, a time may come when an intermediate-level or professional-level instrument will be necessary to promote his or her ongoing musical development. Intermediate and professional instruments (collectively referred to as “Step-Up” instruments) have extra features that will result in a better tone and make it easier to play higher, lower, faster, and better in-tune. Up to a year’s worth of principal credit from your Rent-to-Own instrument may be transferred on an exchange toward an intermediate instrument.

What is your instrument return policy?

You are never under any obligation to continue payments on the Rent-to-Own program. There is no minimum rental period, so the contract may be terminated at any time simply by returning the instrument.

Why play a musical instrument?

Research has consistently proven that music enhances higher brain function, and that those students who participate in music show improved math and reading performance as compared with those who do not. In addition, musical involvement has been linked with a lower incidence of discipline and substance abuse problems. Most importantly though, playing a musical instrument is an enjoyable and enriching experience that can be continued for the rest of your life!

Will I ever own the instrument on which I am making payments?

Absolutely! Your Rent-to-Own payments are applied to the purchase of the instrument.


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